ADA compliant Braille signs since 1996…

JFP/ALESCO, a division of Sandstone Graphics, Inc., has been in business since 1986 and have produced high quality Braille signs since 1996, specializing in ADA compliant signs at wholesale prices.

We manufacture custom-made signs using only the highest quality materials, providing our customers with fast turnaround and competitive pricing. We design signs for you or work with your supplied art while always ensuring your submissions meet ADA specifications.

We have about forty stock colors available, and also offer custom painting if required. All of our signs meet ADA requirements using Grade 2 Braille with tactile lettering or pictograms raised by 1/32 of an inch. Stock material is available in 1/16 or 1/8 inch base (substrate), and custom material up to 1/4 inch.

TYPES OF BRAILLE SIGNS (click button or thumbnail to go to that page)

button1 braille-01
This type of sign is used to describe rooms, give directions, list a room number, or any combination of these options.

button6 slot-04
Signs with single or multiple slots to insert paper. They are available with or without Braille.

button7 07
A cover slides left to right to expose or hide information. These are also available with or without Braille.

button4 rp4
These signs have a visual image called Pictograms that makes signs easily identifiable for the visually impaired, or those who cannot read Braille.

button5 floorsigns
They are usually ordered in a pair: one large sign with six inch type to be placed in the stairwell with a small sign placed outside the door leading to the stairwell, providing exit information.